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I work in the City in London. I have a busy and very active professional and social life and my work demands long hours and several business meetings over lunch/dinner. I am 45 years of age and despite being relatively fit, I had begun to realise that I needed to change my lifestyle! I agreed to a 10-week course with Gemma that has now run for over 15 months. I see Gemma weekly and the results have been incredible. I have lost weight, lost body fat and gained definition that I never thought I would have in my mid 40s. The programmes are varied and challenging and Gemma's advice on overall training and diet have certainly contributed to the results. I would recommend Gemma, she drives you hard but the outcome makes it very rewarding. Most of all Gemma creates a great atmosphere when training you hard so every session is something I really look forward to.


'I couldn't recommend Gemma's 6 week programme enough. I lost over a stone, am so much more toned, I've never been fitter and I'm delighted with myself. I have so much more energy too and this kicked in from the first week. Gemma's guidelines are straightforward and easy to follow and really focus more on an abundance of healthy food rather than restrictions. The habits this programme have helped me form will definitely stick and I really feel completely re-educated and motivated. Gemma's personalised feedback is really informed and just spot on in terms of results. I have a baby and toddler and really thought I would never lose the weight I put on in two consecutive pregnancies. This programme has really transformed how our family eats.' Catherine did so well over the 6-weeks and really embraced everything that I asked her to do. She lost a total of 7kg, inches off her measurements and also halved her fitness test results.

Catherine Everett
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